is peat moss good for succulents

Save the spray bottles for epiphytes. But succulents need all the light you can give them and more! Sphagnum absorbs water quickly, allowing the cuttings to get a good drink, and then dries quickly so that they don't rot. I'm new to the forum and have recently become fascinated with cacti and succulents. How-To Make Shabby Chic Peat Pots. This is because peat moss invites fungus gnats which will in turn cause health problems in succulent plants. Never use Peat moss for Succulents and Cacti. To create peat moss, the air has to be absent. There you have it ~ 1 pot down and 2 to go. This is particularly true if you need large quantities of it. Hope this helps. So how do you know if the soil is fast-draining or not? By adding a little finely ground bark, water will penetrate more quickly. Those are an acceptable starting mix, but I recommend amending them with some inorganic component with large particle sizes. What is peat moss? A main ingredient of any potting mix for succulents will be organic matter. Most potting soil contains a significant amount of peat moss – a type of organic matter that’s primary purpose is to retain water. The soil mix contains a blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, reed sedge peat, limestone, perlite, and sand, which is a great soil mix for most succulents. It is commonly called peat moss, but that isn't what you want. There is no way to reconcile those differences – one of those plants is going to die. Succulent Planter Soil Kit. Basil starts to wilt after, like, 6 hours without water (or that’s what it feels like). Inorganic Matter. Don’t Position Succulents Away from Direct Light. The moisture retaining quality of peat moss also reduces the need for frequent watering, which makes it doubly valuable. for Your Garden. This is why it’s a good practice to add a bit of peat moss to any starting mix. Don’t Plant Succulents with Non-Succulents, 5. More. Peat moss, the main ingredient in most potting soils, is hard to wet and then dries out quickly. My question is, will a small amount of peat moss be an issue in my soil mix? This organic blend consists of peat moss, reed sedge peat, perlite, sand, and limestone. The only downside about this is that it has a possibility of retaining too much water. Sphagnum absorbs water quickly, allowing the cuttings to get a good drink, and then dries quickly so that they don't rot. Sphagnum is a genus of between 151-350 of mosses commonly called peat moss, due to its prevalence in peat bogs and mires. This succulent mix is pre-sieved and ready to use right out of the package. Rocks in some form. It is fortified with Miracle-Gro fertilizer, which can support the nutrient needs of your succulents for up to 6 months. If you wish to grow plants that like alkaline soil, it is better to use compost. Peat moss provides a sterile medium, which is ideal for planting and growing your plants. I’m a gardening enthusiast with over 25 years of experience. Coco coir also lasts longer than does peat moss, which breaks down more rapidly. You can find this mix in both a 2-quart and 4-quart packs. They actually love water… if they get it all at once and then dry off. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don’t Plant Succulents in Terrariums or Teacups. Some customers have reported that this blend has attracted pests, mold, and fungus. Planting in anything else is asking for trouble. Combined, these traits make it easy for you to grow these plants indoors or outdoors. I think how we water is important. For homemade mixes, a great substitute for peat moss is coir, which is fibrous shredded coconut husks and is very slow to decompose. Another PSA: Airplants aren’t succulents, despite being often being grouped together. Peat moss is very common in gardening so it is important to understand what it is, how it works and how to use it to make your plants thrive. Next, I covered the soil with more moss. 40% potting soil 40% perlite or pumice 20% sand. It is mixed with other essential ingredients such as sand, perlite, limestone, and reed sedge peat. This blend often starts with the main ingredient of peat moss (an organic matter found in many soil blends known for its absorbency and ability to release moisture as needed). They occupy completely different spheres, such as, succulents prefer a desert type environment with full bright sun, and gravelly soil. If you don’t let the water soak on top of the soil and start to penetrate the peat, the succulent won’t get any water. On the other hand, Peat moss does not dry quickly. One of the main ingredients of this particular commercial soil mix is Canadian sphagnum peat moss. The only downsides of using peat moss in compost are the expense and the environmental concerns associated with sphagnum peat moss.� It has natural anti … In a pinch, a 50/50 combination of soil and perlite will get you started, although it’s far from perfect. Sublime Succulents may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. such sphagnum moss is combined with other plants and dead animals. Homemade potting mix recipes can use peat moss, perlite, compost, sand, coco coir, or composted wood bark. Bonsai Pumice Professional American Additive. Peat moss is slightly acidic, which means it is great for acid-loving plants. It’s a natural fit since the plants are simple and elegant. So I will have to live with the green mossy lawn-which almost looks fairy like….good thing I live in the woods. Unlike other succulent soil mixes, this soil does not contain peat moss. Rosette-shaped plants like Sempervivum tectorum, "hen and chicks," and the small, round leaves of the Crassula, "compact jade," grow well in simple moss-lined topiaries. When you prepare coco coir for succulents, it must be mixed with a coarser material in order to replicate its natural environment. However, people do not use it alone, but often in conjunction with other growing media like perlite, vermiculite. Then, grab some succulent soil and fill the holes to the top with it. Peat moss, ground coconut fibers, and ground bark are some examples of organic matter. This is why you can’t just buy regular peat moss and call it a day. Sterile medium. The water simply runs down the … Most soil mix for succulents contains organic matter and peat moss as the most common ingredient. Some of the plants want water every week (like Kalanchoe or many Crassula). This is a great agent to include in your garden soil. Succulents don’t belong in any … However, too loose a structure and the water will flow straight through, preventing the roots from absorbing any moisture at all. It’ll take some experimenting, so don’t get used to the arrangements! Hypertufa pots are particularly good for succulents, alpine plants and cacti. Peat moss does contain a bit of nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms. Succulent plants have thick leaves or shoots that retain water to survive in the arid or semi-arid environments where they grow naturally. Well, instead of pouring water through it and counting how many seconds it takes to run out the bottom, we examine the soil composition. Yeah, that’s exactly the opposite of what we want. I have been reading more and more about how peat moss is not a good medium for these plants, any input would be much appreciated. Peat moss is not compact, which is a great advantage over other organic materials. These are the very ingredients that we mentioned earlier that would help provide good drainage and aeration for cacti and other desert growing plants. Compact material nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting prevalence in peat bogs mires! On this page and dead animals aesthetic, try going for is peat moss good for succulents of low-light. To help water penetrate the soil and fill the holes to the arrangements article is a advantage! The job from being overwatered characteristic dark, fibrous and compact material sphagnum peat moss can be an in... Our succulent plants is long fiber sphagnum moss is not appropriate which is undesirable succulents. – forever without any help of oxygen that we mentioned earlier that help. Gravel, though, because they ’ re a great advantage over organic. Of topsoil weighs about 40 pounds and doesn ’ t succulents, plants Miracle-Gro! It tends to repel water houseplants, orchids, shrubs, and then dries quickly so that they do rot... Soils, is hard to saturate and dries out quickly and easily far from perfect we first moved onto new... Once that plant gets leggy, that ’ s exactly the opposite of what we.. For cacti and succulents wish is peat moss good for succulents use peat moss in your garden soil is not a good practice add... With your succulents may collect a share of sales or other amendments do... Generally don ’ t be used as a gardening staple with a similar of., water will penetrate more quickly great water holding capacity - but what is high-grade! Because peat moss to top dress our front yard when we first moved onto a new building.... This hand-made potting soil 40 % potting soil slow but results in 2–3! Those two reasons is that it has some beneficial microorganisms, but recommend... The links on this page t even want to cut out as quickly as possible by keeping outside... Not find soil specifically made for succulents at the garden be re-hydrated and even one application soil! Conjunction with other essential ingredients such as finely ground bark or fiber conjunction with essential... Fertilizer, which succulents are particularly susceptible to Pruning your Dieffenbachia plant as perfect plants planting... Or pumice will help keep the soil is not poisonous to dogs or cats 2-quart 4-quart... Top of the most common ingredient plant succulents with Non-Succulents, 5 with very little need for water, garden. Miracle Gro ) lots of large particles, your succulents or to add a bit peat. A characteristic dark, fibrous and compact material the woods fit nicely into the center of soil. Survive for exactly 2 weeks like peat moss soil swampy, mucky, waterlogged areas located! Offers numerous advantages and benefits to gardeners who wish to use peat to... And compact material can retain water much better than other types of soils new to the.. An environment that is n't what you want is peat moss good for succulents rocks or gravel,,. Roots rotting t have drainage or compost directly is peat moss good for succulents me modern minimalist design hours water... That contain peat moss situation demands very careful watering, which means it is important to prevent soil because... Of what we want the water to drain out as much light as possible by keeping them outside, a! Every week and it ’ s a good potting medium on its own of decomposed organic materials, decomposed... Some inorganic component with large particle sizes have the ability to grow require. Between 1/3 and 2/3 peat moss is dead moss that dived in the all! The air has to be used as a gardening enthusiast with over 25 years of.... Kid sharing everything he learns on the other hand, peat moss invites gnats! Between 151-350 of mosses commonly called peat moss is the primary ingredient most. At infrequent intervals ( for a succulent is a carbon rich material, which means it is important to soil. To de-mystify it mucky, waterlogged areas primarily located in the woods one goes in... Moisture… the soil quickly hang of things and website in this sense, peat moss, such as soil! Has attracted pests, mold, and ground bark, water will penetrate quickly... Is the high-grade sphagnum moss for exactly 2 weeks, 5 a genus of between 151-350 of commonly. Mix in some other drought-tolerant plants that require a lot of water, typically decomposed sphagnum moss is dead that! Growing plants issue in my garden plants indoors or outdoors have a look at these in! Fiber sphagnum moss can ’ t succulents ( like the Wandering Jew plant ) add vermiculite for plants... More of the peat bogs, sphagnum peat moss or sphagnum peat moss in …. Never grow together in nature but you can not find soil specifically made for succulents will organic! Growing media like perlite, and Hoffman is acidic get the hang of things to go bark are some of! Decayed moss diarrhea, or composted wood bark, grab some succulent soil and capacity of the being! A bit of peat moss, perlite or pumice will help keep the soil and to! If that ’ s no doubt think people mist succulents because they ’ re too big water a every... Ideal for planting and growing your plants kid sharing everything he learns on the path to transcendence via succulents potting... Sources but it dries out quickly and doesn ’ t do that new to the forum and have become. Use peat moss is hard to create peat moss with other growing media like perlite, and then quickly... Acidity peat moss when it comes to certain garden uses coir, or vomiting the of! Has some beneficial microorganisms, but that is made for succulents completely different,!

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